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Infection Control

  1. Purpose

In line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of practice on prevention and control of infection and its related guidance, the Practice is required to produce an Annual Statement which will be developed each year in September. It will summarise:


  • Any infection transmission incidents and any lessons learnt and action taken (these will be reported in accordance with our Significant Event Audit procedure)
  • Details of any infection control assessment audits undertaken and any subsequent actions taken arising from these audits
  • Details of staff IPC training
  • Details of review and update of Infection Control policies, procedures and guidelines


  1. Infection Control Lead

The Infection Control Lead will enable the integration of Infection Control principles into standards of care within the Practice, by acting as a link between the Practice and Stockport Health Protection & Control of Infection Unit. They will be the first point of contact for practice staff in respect of Infection Control issues. They will help create and maintain an environment which will ensure the safety of the patient / client, carers, visitors and health care workers in relation to Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI).


Practice Infection Control Lead(s): Sister Victoria Treanor & Rhona Franks

  1. Significant Events

There have been no significant events reported to date regarding infection control issues in the period covered by this report.


  1. Audits /Risk Assessment

The following audits/ assessments were conducted in the Practice

  • Infection Control Assessment for General Practice annual audit (Joint audit with the Stockport Health Protection & Control of Infection Unit)
  • Date of assessment 19th December 2017
  • Assessment Key findings/ Recommendations / Updates:
    • Maintain current high standards of infection control. (100% compliance in all areas)
    • Policies relating to infection control are excellent and easy to find
    • Information is clear and accessible, also most of the information is made available for patients, which is really good practice
    • Very well done! The scores reflect all of your hard work and commitment keep it up!!

The Practice will update the audit report internally to include actions undertaken to meet the key findings/recommendations to support a further review by Stockport Health Protection & Control of Infection Unit in late 2018.

  1. Staff Training

 All staff attended Infection Control refresher training on the 17th January 2018. (3 yearly mandatory training)

Infection Control and cleaning is a regular agenda item discussed at Practice Meetings ie incidents, results of audits, updates of policies, procedures and guidelines.


  1. Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

 The following policies are reviewed and updated on an annual basis or earlier where appropriate to adhere to changes in regulations (CQC) and evidence based guidance.

  • Infection Control Policy (including Handwashing & Safe Handling & Disposal of Waste)
  • Aseptic Technique Policy
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Policy & Hepatitis B/MMR Programme
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Policy
  • Clostridium Difficile Management in the Community Policy
  • Community Antibiotic Guidelines
  • Disposable Instruments
  • Vaccine Storage Guidelines
  • Sharps safe use & disposal Protocol
  • Needlestick Injuries Protocol
  • Decontamination Policy (including single use items)
  • Outbreaks Management Policy
  • Reporting of Infectious Diseases to the Health Protection Agency Procedure

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