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Wasted Appointments

Did Not Attend (DNA) Policy

 Patients who fail to attend for their own or their children’s appointments and do not inform the practice incur significant cost to the practice and to other patients in terms of lost appointments.
Please help us to help you by always cancelling an appointment you are unable to attend or no longer need, well in advance, so that it may be offered to someone else.


Patients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments and do not contact the surgery in advance will be sent a letter confirming the practice DNA policy as set out below.

  • If a patient fails to attend 3 pre-booked appointments within the last 12 months, an informal warning letter will be sent to the patient, advising them that a further occurrence could risk removal from the practice.
  • If the patient fails to attend another appointment, a formal warning letter will be issued to the patient, advising them that the matter will be discussed at a practice meeting, and a majority agreement will be reached as to whether the patient will be removed from the practice list.
  • Warning letters are valid for a period of 12 months. Removal based on warnings greater than 12 months old will be invalid – in this case a further formal warning and period of grace will be required.



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